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As the number of culinary tour companies grows, so does the demand for culinary tourist guides. There is a wide range of talent among culinary guides. Some guides have been professionally trained, while many others have not. Some guides have great personalities, but limited knowledge of the local culinary culture, which is a disservice to their customers. This certification is designed to train and then assess the visitor experience offered by culinary tourist guides, with the end goal of delivering a high-quality culinary tour with the highest chance of receiving the highest ratings from customers. The certification is suitable for culinary tourist guides of all types, including food tour guides, wine tour guides, beer tour guides, distillery tour guides, food/beverage manufacturing tour guides and similar roles.


To enroll in this Certification program, applicant must already be a member of one of the national tourist guide associations that are members of the European Federation of Tourist Guides. Find which countries are members of FEG, and contact information for national guide associations, by clicking on the countries on the map on this page. As the course expands, we will be making it available to more countries.

Learning Objectives


Certification Course Outline

The certification process consists of an initial screening application, a training video followed by a test, another training video followed by another test, and an essay application.  Videos are narrated in English with closed caption English-language subtitles. Total learning time should not normally exceed 3 hours.